13th Birthday Parties

My twins are 13! Mind blown. I just can’t believe how quickly time has started to go by. Looking at old pictures and it seems just like yesterday that they were babies and I was just trying to “survive” with having three kids under three. Flash forward to today and I have two amazing, smart, talented, kind, beautiful teenagers. 

As always, my daughter chose her birthday theme. She has been talking for a while about wanting to do a party at a Hotel. So that’s what we did. Figured it was a special way to celebrate becoming a teen.

My son only wanted a few friends to go to PlayLive. That’s a local place here in our mall that is all about gaming. Xbox, PS4, etc, you name it they have it.  Sadly, all the kids that had said they were coming cancelled, with the exception of one. Ho hum. So he took the one friend and they had a great time. They went to PlayLive and then off to do some Go Karts. He wants to have some more friends over next weekend and maybe just have a low key sleepover or something.

Only got a couple pics from his birthday, but they are good ones. My ex husband normally does my son’s birthday and I do my daughters. What that really means, is that I plan everything for both parties, and he just executes and pays for one. LOL.


My daughter has some great friends. One of the hard things about choosing a hotel stay for your birthday party, is the amount of people you can invite. She knew that the room slept 6, so after accounting for her and me, that left 4 friends to invite. She didn’t want to mix groups of friends because she wanted everyone to be comfortable and have a good time. So she invited some of her “cheer” friends. Some of her school friends knew this, and got together to throw her a surprise birthday party at a local bowling alley. These friends planned and executed the whole thing (with the exception of having me get her there and me bringing the cupcakes). How sweet and mature of these friends! She truly had a great birthday all around. Made me a little sad for my son and how things didn’t quite go his way. Hard to share a birthday and to not compare of feel sad/jealous. But he was great and never made her feel bad about any of it.

The hotel party was a lot of work. Honestly. Every time I throw a party like this, I say “I’m NOT doing that again.” But then the next year comes and I get roped into it again. Ridiculous. Ha. So here we go. Let’s just cheers to next years right now. LOL.

First off, we looked for a hotel that was not too far away and that had some amenities that would be fun for the girls. As well as something that wasn’t crazy expensive. We settled on Embassy Suites. We’ve stayed at this hotel chain in other cities before, when we’ve had to travel for Cheer, but never at the one close to our hometown. A couple of the reasons we chose this hotel: they have a large enough pool and hot tub, they offer complimentary reception in the evening of check in, and they offer a complimentary made to order breakfast in the morning. I knew the breakfast especially would help cut down on cost, since we could just wake up and go down and have the same breakfast (for free) that we would have at a restaurant. For dinner that night, we just ordered pizza from a local place and had it delivered to the hotel. That was cheap and easy.

My daughter and I got to the hotel as soon as our room was ready. She wanted us to have the room decorated before her friends got there. So we set up all the decor we had planned and dropped off our bags and the food we had packed. Then we headed to pick up each of her friends. Everyone had such a great time. This party was definitely one for the books. Hope you think it was great too!

Hotel door hanger invitations. Red Barn Studio always brings my ideas to fruition. You can visit her shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedBarnDesignStudio . I LOVE these invites. The girls could use them (instead of just throwing them away) since they have the back side…. great for teenagers wanting to keep people out of their rooms. 😉

Next up are some touches for the party….


Custom cookies. I love local anything. One of the mom’s of my son’s classmate makes custom cookies. She made them perfectly to fit our theme. These went into each of the girls’ gift bags.


More custom cookies. These were for the girls to eat – and table decor. They were sooo good. Seriously one of the best cookies I’ve had in a while.


My daughter wanted the theme of this hotel party to be PINK (as in Victoria Secret PINK). So we got a few shopping bags from there and added some great things for the girls. LUSH bath bomb, VS eye mask, face mask & shampoo, conditioner and lotion (had custom labels made along with the invitations).


Large number 13 balloons for decor.


Pano of the hotel room. This room was great. It was two separate rooms (main with pull out couch, table, etc and this one with beds). 


We got each of the girls a gift bag (above) and a pink bathrobe. My daughter from the beginning of planning wanted to do bathrobes, but they were so expensive. But then, randomly one day on Macys.com I found a huge sale. These bathrobes were $49.50 each .. and they were $9.95 for one day only. WHAT???!!!! Although it was still just under $50 for the 5 of them, it was an awesome deal and something the girls will be able to use over and over. And let me tell you – they pretty much wore them the entire hotel stay; to and from the pool, around the hotel, to breakfast, etc. 


Desserts for the night and while the girls watched a movie.


Here’s a close up of the gift bags and bathrobes.


First thing the girls did after checking out the room and gift bags, was do a scavenger hunt thru the hotel.

IMG_6555 (2)_LI

Here’s some proof of how much they loved the bathrobes. Haha. They even wore them outside. 


And in the elevators as they ran around the hotel.

IMG_6714 (2)_LI

… and to breakfast. Haha.

They swam and ran around and had the best time. Overall it was a success. Off to thinking about next year. 😉

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