To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day. Why? I guess I just feel like it’s kind of a retail, money making holiday. I’d rather try to celebrate my love randomly and more than once a year. 🙂  But I do know that my kids love this holiday. They get to have school parties and give their friends Valentines. We’ve done all kinds of gifts to give in the classrooms. From Dollar Tree boxed cards to handmade. Thinking about the holiday coming up, I figured maybe I’d do a post about a couple Valentines that we’ve done that were super fun and their friends raved about.

Minecraft themed Valentines. We found blue rock candy at a local store and separated it into little clear bags from Michael’s Craft Store. Then I found an awesome blog that had a free printable for the card. I just printed, had my son sign his name and attached. Here’s the link to that blog/printable:

Minion themed Valentines. Soooo easy. Buy some twinkies and then print the minion picture and tape it around the twinkie. We then put a sticker on the back that had the To and From on it.


This one was great. Sadly, the blog where I got the card portion from is no longer up. But it could be something easily done in a Word document and printed out. Just some Pop Rocks in a clear plastic bag with a label stapled.


Now… my FAVORITE Valentines we have done. We went to Michael’s Craft Store and bought mustache candy molds (with a 50% off coupon of course). Then we bought pink and black candy melts and made the mustaches, using cake pop sticks. Then just found a mustache image and put into Word with a pink background and the wording we wanted. My daughters friends LOVED this.


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