Construction themed 2nd birthday party


This invitation I found on Etsy. So perfect. 

For my son’s second birthday, our home was under construction for an addition (I’ll talk about that in another blog post). So it seemed like a no brainer to make his party a construction theme since that’s what was happening around the house. I started by planning the party favors. I wanted the kids to be able to use things at the party, but then get to take them with them. So here’s what the kids got: Hard hat (yellow or pink), bubbles, a custom wooden hammer and a Home Depot tool belt.


I had the hammers custom made by a business on Etsy: .  Then I bought bubbles from Dollar Tree and printed custom labels to wrap around. The hard hats you can find at Oriental Trading, they come in pink or yellow. The tool belts were a hug hit and super cheap (.77 cents). You can find them here:

The inflatable signs were from Oriental Trading too. We decided to just use our house plans that we had laying around for the table covers and some Caution tape. It was an awesome touch. This is where the kids picked up a hat of their choice and their construction gift bag.


Also made for good photos. 🙂


Next I found this construction coloring roll at Target. I lined a table with that and cut off the top of one of the hats to use to hold crayons so that the kids could all sit around it and color.


For all the other tables, we used our house plans, along with construction sign suckers we found at Oriental Trading.


We had the main table set up twice. Once for food/lunch and the other for dessert time. I used a black plastic table cloth from Dollar Tree and then some yellow duct tape lined down the middle to make it look like a road. Then grabbed some of my son’s large CAT toys for decor.


We had “dirt” cupcakes and smores “dirt” bites. As well as some large chocolate rocks I found online. What a huge hit.


To me, the best part of throwing a party are the little touches you add that make it your own!









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