Danielle’s SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party

One of my closest friends was turning 40 and I knew we had to celebrate. She went to Hawaii earlier in the year with her childhood best friends to celebrate, since they all turn 40 this same year. But she still needed to have the rest of her friends shower her with birthday wishes for this milestone year.

Surprise parties are a lot of work. Let me just start with that. We had to sneak, plan, stalk, etc for weeks. A few of the easy things were that we know she loves pink. So that was a starting point. I wanted to have the party be classy and elegant, as I felt a 40th birthday should be. I was in Target one day and came across rose gold bulb string lights and rose gold candles in the Dollar Spot. I knew they were perfect and they kind of became the focus of the party.

Part of party planning for me is going around my house and seeing what I have that I can use to decorate. I found a few mason jars and burlap table runners. As well as a wooden cake topper that I had from a previous party. So I went to Michaels Craft store and got some Krylon metallic rose gold spray paint. I painted the mason jars and the cake topper. Then it was time to figure out the little touches. The day of the party I went to the local Farmers Market and got 3 large bunches of flowers to use in all the vases I had.

We ordered food from a local stores deli, so that made things super easy the day off. The cake …. always needs to be a center piece. So we ordered from the same lady that did my son’s Star Wars cake (in a previous blog post). The cake was chocolate two tier pink and had diamonds on a bow. Just the birthday girls’ style. For drinks: we decided to have cider, beer and water. We had sparkling pink lemonade and rock candy champagne drinks. Those two drinks added a great decor touch. Beautiful.

In the end, she was completely surprised! We did it! Here’s the party pics. Hope they give you some inspiration for a future party and thanks for reading. Enjoy.


The party girl and I. I forgot to mention that we bought her a tiara to have her wear during the party. It was perfect. 


Overview of the party space. 


Pictures of friends on string lights. 


Serving station. Great place to display some of her baby pictures. 😉


Drink table.


Rock Candy Champagne drinks. These were a huge hit. I bought pink rock candy sticks and put them in glasses, with champagne poured over the top. The sugar melts, making the drink sweet. Some people also added a splash of sparkling pink lemonade. Yum.


The food/cake table. 


Close up picture of some of the decor. The string lights and candles I spoke about above as well as the painted mason jars with the flowers from the farmers market and the cake topper and burlap. I forgot to mention that I found the letter “D” (friends first initial of her name) at Michaels Craft store and painted it with the same paint as the mason jars, etc. 


A close up for color .. and that tiara! 


Cake by Cakes by Jessica. Cake topper by Charlie Chalk Designs.


Balloons! Balloons make the surprise. Picture perfect.




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