Monkey themed birthday

Monkey’s! Who doesn’t love monkeys? A few months before my little one turned one, he got a monkey hat, that both him and I were in love with. Then he got a stuffed monkey from someone and somehow between those two things, it grew into his birthday theme.


Is this not just the cutest?

I had seen an invitation online where they attached a candle to the invite and I thought that was perfect and exactly what I wanted to do. I gave some details and ideas to an Etsy shop ( and these envelopes and cards were created. PERFECT.


This is the envelope for the invitation.


Invitation. I then attached a yellow candle on each invite using super glue on the back of the candle and tying some brown yarn around each. 


Finished invitations.

We were going to have the party outside and I knew I wanted him to be in his high chair for when he had cake. I had seen some ideas online of making the high chair a photo prop too. So I went online (craigslist) and found an old wooden high chair that someone was selling for $10. I picked it up and decided to sand & paint it the color of the invitation. I couldn’t have asked for it to turn out better. summer-2012-065

Now on to the decor. I decided to try to stick with the color of the invitation for the whole party. I bought bubbles from Dollar Tree and then printed the same design that was on my envelopes out to wrap around the bubbles (just used large packing tape to go over the top to secure the labels on and to make the ink not run if they got wet).


They were perfect for the kids to play with… 


And also for some good pictures beforehand. 🙂 

I ordered these custom suckers from Oriental Trading and made/printed this little sign to go with them.jts-1st-bday-007

Outside tables: mix of table cloths from Dollar Tree and Walmart, solid color balloons, big green leaves from Oriental Trading, real bunches of bananas and little plastic cups of banana candies and some little paper monkeys hanging from the balloons.jts-1st-bday-009


I used two tiki torches and a string of leaves and put a picture of my son from every month (1-12) since he was born. jts-1st-birthday-009


Now lets talk about dessert. My sister in law is amazing. She made all the desserts for this special day. The cupcakes were a mix of flavors: chocolate banana with peanut butter frosting and banana with banana frosting or peanut butter. And chocolate dipped bananas with either coconut or nuts. jts-1st-bday-020

My son had his own smash cake. It was banana cake with peanut butter frosting. He LOVED it … probably a little too much.jts-1st-bday-022


Here’s a few more party pics to end this blog post. Enjoy.


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