Superhero Birthday Party

My son has been OBSESSED with all things superhero for a while. As part of his birthday present, we even re-did his room in a superhero theme. He was so excited. So it was a no-brainer when it came to planning his birthday.

The invitation was made by Red Barn Studios ( .. . If I haven’t said it before, she’s amazing. I just give her an idea and theme and I always end up with the best invitation. superhero invite1I started wanting to make a superhero centerpiece, as well as something that could be used in his room for decoration. So I bought these letters on clearance at Michaels and then found some old comic books my husband had and some Mod Podge. I will tell you – I am NOT a crafter. So this was kind of an experiment in a way. Lol.  So the letters are not perfect, but it turned out good enough.


I found these superhero comic fun kits in the clearance department (for like .75 cents a peice) and it just seemed like the perfect, cheap party favor.

Then I started planning the rest of the party based on the comic superhero theme. I decided we’d do some activities that would involve a few different superhero powers and also use the comic books I had found. After some brainstorming, here is what I came up with.


Table decor was easy. Just a plastic table cloth and some comic book pages.


This table had most of the superhero challenges we were going to do as well as the party favor talked about above. Challenges were: “Ironman fly”: candy ring pops that the kids put on and “flew” around the trampoline. “Superman breath”: The kids blew bubbles & put on superman candy bracelets.  “Villain vaporizer”: Silly spray that the kids used to spray pictures of villains attached to balloons around the backyard. “Hulk Smash”: (show in lower pic) The kids used hulk hands/gloves to punch a board and get a prize. “Spidey web”: They put on a spiderman glow mask and climbed thru a web in the hallway.


Superman breath: bubbles from Dollar tree. I found comic duct tape at Walmart and used that to wrap around the bubbles. Then I put Superman candy bracelets from Dollar Tree around the top.


Ironman Fly: Candy ring pops from Dollar Tree.


Hulk Smash: I made this board using: a tri fold board from Michaels, some paper bowls, a poster, duct tape and tissue paper. Inside each of the bowls is a different toy (found at Dollar Tree). Then we had hulk gloves already (as I said before, my son is obsessed. Lol). We attached it to some boards and then to our trampoline to make it sturdy.


Spidey Web: Used Dollar Tree streamers and put them all over in my hallway so that the kids could try to climb thru them. My son had a spiderman mask that has glowing eyes, so they used that to make their way thru the spidey web.

Dessert! This was fun. I wanted to keep with the comic theme and so I found an etsy shop ( that made these fondant comics. These were perfect and amazing. img_3597


I made my own cupcakes and just put one edible comic on each. They were a huge hit with the kids.


This was the birthday boy’s cupcake. A number 4 candle topped it off.

I’ll end with some pics of the kids doing the superhero challenges. 🙂

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