Minecraft Birthday Party

My son, Will, wanted a Minecraft birthday a few years ago. It was when Minecraft first came out and there weren’t very many things you could buy in the store, besides some items that went with Halloween costumes. So I pretty much had to piece this party together using those items and custom Etsy items. The party was a HUGE hit. I started with an invite I found on Etsy. If you’ve read my other party posts, I love using Red Barn Studios on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/RedBarnDesignStudio), because she can pretty much make anything you want. willbirthday

For the main decor, I pieced together a few different items to complete the look I wanted. I purchased some “grass” (www.amazon.com/Green-Grass-Tissue-Party-Accessory/dp/B004L6L79W/ref=pd_sim_ac_3) to use as a base for this table and my dining room table. Then 2 halloween “masks” – a creeper and Steve from Minecraft (www.amazon.com/Minecraft-Steve-Creeper-Exclusive-Costume/dp/B00A9YJU7G/ref=sr_1_3?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1473186923&sr=1-3&keywords=creeper+head). And the Minecraft pick axe (you can find them now at Walmart, Target, Amazon). I thought it would be great decor, but the kids could play with it too. Then I just tried to find candy that resembled things in the video game. So: “pillows” (pillow mints), “dynamite” (red licorice), “rocks” (chocolate rocks), & “diamonds” (blue rock candy). I put them in different containers with labels on them, and then just printed little TNT labels for the licorice. The kids had gift bags and were able to fill them with the candy shown.twins-9th-birthday-parties-april-2013-021twins-9th-birthday-parties-april-2013-022march-may-2013-183

Then the dinner table. Grass, Steve head and a brown plastic table cloth (for dirt). march-may-2013-184

Gift bags. Custom labels with a necklace and cookie and room for the candy from above. march-may-2013-190


We found this awesome, free printable board game. You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bxx5h8X8MfR0VnlDVFA2aTQ2NVk . I downloaded it and had it sent to Walgreens and printed on their poster board. Then just printed the directions and pieces myself. The kids had a blast. They played this game, as well as played the Minecraft video game. march-may-2013-189

Unfortunately this pictures is a little blurry. But here’s my son Will, with his minecraft shirt and the cake. Making the cake was pretty easy. We just baked a cake and then used white and red fondant to create the look below. Everyone loved it. Minecraft success. march-may-2013-213


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