Candy Buffet Birthday Party

Candy, candy, candy. Who doesn’t love candy? Although in hindsight … probably not the best idea to have so much sugar at a birthday party that is also a sleepover. Lol. Oh man. I learned my lesson for sure.

I’m not even sure where the idea of a candy buffet party came from to be honest. But, somehow that’s what ended up happening. It really was fun for the girls and pretty simple to do. We found an invite on Etsy that we loved and it turned out so perfect. emmasbirthday

I found random jars of all different sizes and shapes first. I got mine from Michaels and Ikea and a couple I already had. Then I purchased chalk labels/stickers from Michaels (with their wedding crafts) and put one on each container to label with chalk once I had the candy for each. I purchased candy from different places, once I finished trying to find the cheapest places or items. I ended up using a mix of Michaels, Oriental Trading, Dollar Tree and girls got to fill a bag with the candy they wanted and take it home as a party favor. march-may 2013 150 Decor was easy. Besides the candy buffet, we just had the dining room table set up. The girls had pizza for dinner and then I made Bubblegum Floats ( Yes… more sugar. Lol. But so fun for the girls to have. march-may 2013 163

You can find the table decor here: , with just another candy filled jar for a centerpiece. march-may 2013 154

And lets not leave out dessert… of course more candy. Cotton candy cupcakes. My sister in law made these yummy cupcakes ( Let me tell you, those girls didn’t want any more sugar after that party, and for quite some time. twins' 9th birthday parties april 2013 005

That’s the year she got an American Doll for her birthday. She’d been wanting one for so long and she seemed old enough that we thought she could take care of it. She was so happy! The whole party was a success (but there will be no more sugar birthdays in our future – this mama was sugared out). march-may 2013 228


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