Chocolate Spa Party

If I haven’t mentioned it before, my daughter and I normally come up with her party themes together. She normally says things she’d like and then we go from there – brainstorming and planning and now of course that includes creating a Pinterest board of ideas. We are the only girls in our house, so it’s definitely something we enjoy and bond over. Originally she wanted to take her friends and go to a place to get pedicures. That was so expensive and they would just get pedicures and leave, nothing to take with them and then we’d still have to figure out dessert. So we decided we’d bring the spa to us, with a little twist – Chocolate! We started researching how to make our own face masks and scrubs. And so this party was born.

We used Google a lot! First I googled “water images” and then found one I liked and copied it to Word, so that I could add words and make labels or stickers, etc with it. I already had some empty picture frames too, but you could buy cheap ones at Ikea or Dollar Tree. I started with the entry . . . wanted it to be just like going to the spa. Flowers, candles and spa services.

April 2012 birthday 026

April 2012 birthday 027April 2012 birthday 028

Then we set up stations based on the spa services we listed. For some odd reason I didn’t take a picture of the chocolate facials when I took this pic, but I have a pic of the girls wearing it. 🙂  We had a facial station where we did chocolate facials (, with cucumbers for their eyes. I just used the same image that I had copied to word and printed them out on large label paper, and attached them to candles I already had. April 2012 birthday 022

And a pedicure station. The girls got to pick out their color toenail polish, then we used that for the pedicure but it was also part of their gift bag. My sister in law and I called the girls over in sets of 3 and soaked their feet in plastic tubs with water (that I got at Dollar Tree) and then we used the homemade scrub on their feet and some chocolate lotion we found for cheap at Walmart and painted their toes. April 2012 birthday 023

Here’s the spa set up. This is where the nail polish was that they could choose from. After they were done with their stations, they got to put together their gift bag – one from everything shows. We had:

  • Homemade bath salts. We used this recipe: . My daughter and I made some batches of this a day or two before her party and then packaged it in little party favor bottles that we found at Michaels and just bought sticker/labels that we put on the front of each and wrote on. 
  • Nail files. I think we found these at Target, but you can find anywhere.
  • Lip gloss.
  • Nail polish. Found these on sale at Walgreens.
  • Sleep masks. These were in the Dollar Spot at Target. Great find!
  • Toe spacers. Found at Dollar tree.
  • Pink gift bags with homemade labels. Found at Dollar Tree (pk of 12 for $1).April 2012 birthday 024

Here’s a few images of the girls with their face masks and pedicures.April 2012 birthday 048April 2012 birthday 045

Then it was on to yummy snacks and desserts. Chocolate dipped/flavored everything! April 2012 birthday 019

She was one happy girl. And the party was a huge hit!April 2012 birthday 051

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