Star Wars 5th Birthday Party

I can’t believe my youngest is 5. CRAZY. He’s entering Kindergarten in just a few short days. Although I’ve been looking forward to this, it’s still hard to believe it’s already here. His 5th birthday party was a blast. JT is all into Star Wars. He’s seen all the movies and LOVES them all. So planning this party was fun.

Invitations: Red Barn Studios is amazing. She is so creative. She made this invite as well as some custom decals for this party. You can contact her here: . My son loves Darth Vader so we figured this was the perfect invitation. Summer1

We found this awesome R2D2 balloon at Oriental Trading ( who was perfect for a front door decoration. I found the Star Wars balloons on Ebay. I bought my son a Star Wars shirt from Target and then had T&T Apparel customize the back of the shirt with these decals. They do great customized decals for any event. Contact them here: . IMG_1394

I found this free printable garland on Pinterest. I just bought colored paper at the craft store and printed each character out on the matching color. It was a great little touch.IMG_1254

Next fun touches: I bought the green bags at Michaels Craft Store and then added some custom decals from Red Barn Studios. The bubbles … I purchased at Walmart and just painted the handles with black spray paint and then put some silver duct tape on the ends to make them look like light sabers. Now that Pinata!! I had it custom made by someone here where I live. She did an amazing job!!! She doesn’t have a shop I can link, but if you want to contact her, I have her email, so just shoot me a message. IMG_1389

I found the hanging decorations at Party City. They were a great touch to fill some space. Then I used a black plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree and some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics to put in the middle of each table. I’m going to add a few pictures here of the decorations inside for a closer look…. IMG_1376

The cups were used for the kids to drink from but also as party favors that they could take home. Red Barn Studios did the custom decals. I wanted orange cups, but sadly all that was left at Dollar Tree was the red. But it still worked out great. We had them fill the cups with Vader-ade (lemonade). They were a big hit. IMG_1370

The cake! I normally make my kids cake/cupcakes or have my sister in a law do it. But this year I wanted to try having one made. I found a great local baker “Cakes By Jessica” ( Let me tell you – EVERYONE raved about this cake. It was delicious. The cupcakes were vanilla and the cake was marble. YUM! She created the exact look I was wanting. The #5 candle was the perfect touch. It lights up and flashes colors – much like a light saber (found at Walmart). IMG_1403IMG_1404IMG_1405

Food table: So much going on here. I found the Death Star inflatable beach ball on Amazon ( and hung it from my dining room light. I also bought another one and let the kids play with it. The Darth Vader we already had, so it was a nice addition to the decor. I found free food printables on Pinterest ( and just kind of selected my food around the labels. The napkins looked like light sabers too, using a free printable ( and different colored napkins and plastic ware from Dollar Tree. IMG_1410

We knew we wanted to mainly keep the party outdoors … not knowing when we planned that it was going to be close to 100 degrees that day. Ugh. But we still decorated and tried to spend some time out there. Streamers, table top decor like inside and some photo props to help dress up the tables. IMG_1397

We had a couple posters that we hung outside. Then used more of the same balloons we had used inside. I already had the buckets and just used the printables from above, along with some mini Star Wars figures that my son had laying around. One bucket we used for juice boxes for the kids and the other for light sabers! Yay! This was a super awesome find. Walmart had them in their clearance department for less than $2 each. They came in 3 different colors and lit up and had sound too. What a steal!! So the kids got to “fight” with them during the party and then take them home as a party favor. Win Win! IMG_1399

By far this was the best part ……..My step son, his girlfriend and my daughter dressed up and played with the kids. So perfect (although we did forget to put the cape on – bummer). We have an awesome lady here in my town that has a room full of costumes and lends them out to anyone all year long. How awesome is that?? So we got to borrow all of those costumes for the party. The kids LOVED playing around with their light sabers and the characters. IMG_1414

Sorry for the blacked out pictures, but it was easier then asking everyone to post a pic of their kids. 🙂  But loved this epic battle pic. IMG_1453

It was a great party! JT had an amazing time and so did we. I’ll leave you with a few more pics from opening his presents, pinata and doing cake.


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2 Responses to Star Wars 5th Birthday Party

  1. What a wonderful party! Thanks for sharing the joy 🙂
    If any of your readers want more ideas for Star Wars fun and parties, that is all we do! Check us out at:

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  2. cpm says:

    Thank you Anette. Your blog looks great and has some good ideas. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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