Paintball Party

My son, Will, who is Emma’s twin brother had a paintball party for his 12th birthday this year. I haven’t posted about this yet, but I share custody of 3 of my children with my ex-husband, their father. Typically when it’s the twins’ birthdays, him and I split them. I have our daughters at my house and he has our sons at either his house or wherever Will is wanting. So this year ,Will had a sleepover with 3 friends (plus his older brothers) at his dad’s and then they all went Paint balling the next morning.

This made my part pretty easy. I had the invitations made here:


Then I put together the party favors for his friends. I decided to make just something simple, since they are 12 & 13 year old boys, who honestly could probably care less about party favors … depending on what they are. Lol. So I bought these mini paint cans and filled them with different colored gum balls. I lucked out and got the paint cans on clearance at Michaels Craft Store for like .50 cents a piece. I can’t seem to find them online for you, but here is a similar item:

I bought a yard of gumballs at Worldmarket: . That filled the paint cans and gave the boys enough left over to have at the sleepover.


One thing my son wanted was some lanyards. This was a great/cute idea. So I asked the lady who makes all my invitations (see above) if she could make some and of course she could! They turned out exactly how my son and I wanted. Each boy had their own and we made sure that they weren’t specific to this party so that the boys could reuse them if they wanted in the future.


Since the actual sleepover was at my son’s dad’s house, I just had these items above, plus some table decor for him to set out. I found the tableware at Walmart. It was actually “tie dye”, but it worked perfectly for us since it looked like paint splatter.


After the sleepover they went Paint balling. We found an awesome Groupon that was like $25 for 6 to go all day at a local outdoor paint ball place. They provided all the gear and we just needed to purchase paintballs. Here’s the group… some are more than ready to go obviously. They had so much fun.


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