Instagram Birthday Party

Didn’t my daughter just turn 11?? And now she just turned 12. Time seems to be flying by. As always, I let her choose her theme for her party and she chose Instagram. You are probably thinking the same thing as I was . . . “what in the heck do you do for an Instagram party??”

I spent a little time on Pinterest of course (well… a LOT of time actually) and then looked around on a few of my favorite party idea websites and at a couple stores and wa-lah, I came up with a few great ideas. This party was definitely fun and creative. Or at least I think. Haha.

So here is Emma’s birthday invitation. It was made to look like an Instagram post. You can have one custom made here: .



The party. We found just a couple inexpensive items that were only going to be decorations. I wanted as many things as possible for the party to be things that were either going to be used at the party or given to her friends. One thing that was a must though, was this Instagram photo booth prop. This was so fun. I had this made by someone off Etsy, and then realized that the awesome lady that did Emma’s birthday invites – link above –  could make one that would have been a better quality. Oh well. Lesson learned. Always ask!! For this one though, I ordered the digital download off Etsy and then sent it to Office Max to be printed on cardboard. The kids LOVED it! I bought some props from Walmart (as you’ll see below) for super cheap. We used Emma’s actual Instagram profile name and a real hashtag so that her friends could tag photos.


For the party decor . . .

The banner was cheap. I used Google images and printed a couple Instagram logos. Then I purchased a chalkboard banner from Walmart for like $2. I just glued the image on the end spaces and used a chalk pen to write “InstaParty.” Very simple.


I found a free printable ( and wrote her hashtag in the box and put it in a cheap Ikea frame. I found the glitter # at Target in the Dollar Spot. The photo booth props are from Walmart and the set was like $4 ( they also have Emoji props, which are super cute for this too. The white Polaroid camera was multi purpose. It was my daughters present from us (which she knew she was getting) and also to use for the scavenger hunt. Yay. We found the best price on Amazon, if you are looking for one.

The rest of the items on the buffet are for the kids’ gift bags. I had the lady that made my invitations make me a few stickers for the bags (I just used dollar tree bags – so $1 for 10 bags). The girls could take one of each for the gift bags:

  • Emoji suckers:
  • Candy apps:
  • iphone erasers:
  • Social media charm bracelet:

The goodies …


Gift bag: bracelet, emoji sucker, app candy & iphone eraser


Social media charm bracelet


I split the girls into two teams, by doing a random drawing of names. Each team had one of these lists with directions. So fun to watch them run around and try to get everyone in the picture. Note: we needed 2 instant cameras for this. Obviously my daughter got one as her present that we used, but then we borrowed one from Emma’s best friend who luckily had one.


Scavenger hunt: made this myself in Word


The results of the scavenger hunt

The party room. I hung pictures of things Emma loves – her friends and her sports – from balloons from Dollar Tree, throughout the living room.



The food . . .

We tried to keep it simple since it was the middle of the day. Just something to drink and then some snacks. I had all the glass to serve everything in already, thankfully. Emma insisted on these cups though and each girl got to keep theirs. They were in the Target Dollar Spot (thankfully) and so they were seasonal. The table cover is just a pink cover from Dollar Tree and the center is black chalk paper from Michaels ( which I LOVE. I used it for another party that I’ll be posting about too. So versatile and fun.




The cake …

Emma wanted a Menchies cake ( We have never gotten one from there before so it was all new to us. It’s pretty cool though. You get to pick the cake (chocolate or vanilla) and then two types of ice cream and whatever toppings and syrups you want to go in the middle. Then I just sent them, via email, a picture of what I wanted on the cake (Instagram logo). It was super easy and her friends loved it.


Menchies Instagram cake


The inside


I have about a million pictures from the photo booth, but this is Emma and her two best friends. They are her oldest friendships. Love it. All we did was buy a black plastic table cloth from Dollar Tree and tape it to the wall to use as a backdrop. Then the girls took turns in groups or alone, using different props. They used the Polaroid to take/print pictures that they could take home with them and also their phones.


Fun in the photo booth prop

This was definitely fun. Next year she will be 13 … and is already talking about her party. But I have a feeling that in the years to come, they won’t be this fun. Or .. that she won’t need/want me to plan as much. Makes me sad since this has been kind of our “tradition”. But I love to see her growing up and becoming a little adult. She makes me so proud and I can’t wait to see what all is in store for her in these coming years.


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